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By providing a full range of critical information technology solutions no matter where our customers are doing business, CybeCysis a key technology partner for many of the world’s premier companies. CybeCys capabilities span a broad spectrum of value-added information technology solutions including:

Our Solutions

CybeCys specializes in providing enterprise development solutions from requirements gathering, analysis to design, implementation and testing.

CybeCys™ Contexxio® is our new medical application plug-in to help you make faster, more informed decisions at the point of care. We built it to help personalize any type of clinical content based on the specific data from the patient being viewed, and displaying it in context within any EHR or digital health application.

The CybeCys Unified Process guides product teams to consistently create higher quality data and software solutions for FDA and ONC regulated environments

Prove the quality of your products and services ProveIT offers collaborative enterprise-grade checklists that comprehensively verify regulatory or SLA-based tasks

It is known that an independent Quality Assurance (QA) is standard in the industry, to ensure the quality of software.

The CybeCys™ EasyRyde® scheduling service combines cloud-based software, affordable rideshare services and a network of safe, reliable drivers. Together, they help patients without transportation stay healthy by getting to doctors’ appointments on time, every time.

Medigy improves care delivery and decision making by identifying care gaps using well established condition-, treatment-, and demography-specific protocols.

CybeCys™ Stature® gathers healthcare providers’ and researchers’ professional and reputation information from authoritative Internet sources. This data is organized and presented to help patients and chief research officers make decisions based on complete, accurate and up-to-date data.

CybeCys CAK drives targeted online traffic to your properties by delivering high-quality, engaging, customized content designed to educate your customers about your products and services.

Secure, customizable, gateway framework and file exchange solution for business-focused, safety-critical, medical, legal, and financial use cases

CybeCys Opsfolio captures your risks, catalogs your IT assets, and documents your ops teams’ work. Plus it gives you an API-accessible central repository for sharing risks, documentation, and assets across systems. Use it to help prevent, detect or recover from security breaches.

Watchtower is an exception and customer feedback management system for your regulated or other mission critical applications.